Meet Our Team

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  • Janice Peredo
    Café Manager

    Janice Peredo has been in the food service industry for 12 years. She was born in the Philippines and was raised in a Filipino-Chinese household. After graduating with a Doctor in Dental Medicine degree, she was fortunate enough to visit other countries; experiencing various cultures and tasting their unique cuisines. No matter where she was she saw that food played an important role in bringing people together. Eventually, Janice decided to make a career change and follow her passion for food.

    It’s been a non-stop experience with Bon Appétit, not only in learning, but also educating her staff and customers about sustainability and using fresh and healthy ingredients. Whether she’s treating patients or helping customers, she’s happy to bring smiles to their faces.

    (650) 812-0530
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  • Barbara Prado
    Executive Chef

    Barbara graduated from San Francisco Culinary Academy in 1992. It was one of her greatest achievements to attend culinary school.

    Her passion for food began while raising her children, as every night she would create a new recipe for their family dinner. Barbara still enjoys cooking and creating new recipes with fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients.

    Barbara also enjoys cooking different types of cuisines and has many years of catering experience.

    (650) 812-0530